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You are cordially invited to join the Salem Repeater Association [W7SRA].
It is through your support as a member that we are able to maintain the
five SRA repeaters that serve Salem, Oregon, the Willamette Valley,
and much of the area west of Salem to the Pacific Ocean.

Hamfair & Membership

HAMFAIR: See you in February 2016 !

BOARD MEMBERS: List of current board members, with E-mail links

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: Click here for an SRA membership application

The Repeaters

Please contact the listed System Operator for each repeater with information requests.


The repeater is located on Eagle Crest (West Salem).
Contact or E-mail to:


The repeater is located on Prospect Hill (South Salem).
SRA Board; Email to:


The repeater is located on Laurel Mountain (Falls City area). 
Contact Bud Smith, N7BUD @ 503-838-0266, or E-mail to:


The repeater is located on Prospect Hill (South Salem).
SRA Board; Email to:


The repeater is located on Prospect Hill (South Salem).
Contact Larry Quiring, KC7NOS.@ 503-585-8897 or email

Amateur Radio Information

ARRL: National Association for Amateur Radio

ORRC: Go to the Oregon Region Relay Council's home page


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The Salem Repeater Association is dedicated to continually working to improve the emergency communications facilities in our coverage area. As a byproduct, the general Amateur community benefits from a multitude of reliable systems. We count on the income from the Salem Hamfair each February to upgrade and add new equipment and facilities.
SRA relies on your membership dollars to pay the GENERAL MAINTENANCE AND OPERATING COSTS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEMS. By funding these expenses out of membership dollars, we leave the Hamfair income for improvements and expansions.
All of our repeater systems have emergency power capabilities.

Your membership support is important, Thank You!

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